From Inception To Installation

It takes some serious planning to bring a commercial project from thought to installation. Green Think Energy can help you get there.

We offer many conveniences, such as creating preliminary designs and energy reports for your clients so they can see both their project’s energy and aesthetic potential. Once a client is signed we will help you spec out all the necessary project materials and get started on the full design package. Our licensed structural and electrical PE’s will make sure your projects get safe and effective engineering and design.

Each utility and AHJ is unique and may require tweaks and revisions. Green Think Energy will take care of these nuisances, so you can focus on the big picture and grow your business.

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Before starting a commercial project, a lot of work goes into planning and making sure that your project will produce as much energy as possible. Green Think Energy can help you plan the layout of your Solar PV system to be as effective as possible. We create full PVSyst reports for your project so you have a good estimation of the energy your system will produce before starting installation.


Custom Design

Green Think Energy will work closely with you to make sure that your Solar PV system is exactly what your client desires. Whether a roof job, ground mount or a canopy, Green Think Energy does it all. We have done everything from stadium projects to fields of ground mounted Solar PV systems.


Structural Stamp & Calculations

Our licensed structural PE’s in all 50 states will make sure your project is safe for installation. We will work closely with your racking manufacturers to ensure your project follows all necessary IBC and local building codes.


Electrical Stamp & Calculations

Our licensed PE’s will create all necessary 1-line or 3-line diagrams and calculations to make sure that your project is as simple as possible to install. We will work closely with you and make any recommendations we feel can cut costs without sacrificing quality and safety.