Green Think Energy + Sighten Partnership

The inconsistent nature of solar permitting makes the process difficult to navigate. It is far from a simple exchange between provider and consumer. Understanding the various regulations across states and municipalities can be complicated for solar installers and take up valuable time and resources.

GTE and Sighten services hope to simplify this complex task by offering a new and straightforward permitting solution!

The Benefits of this Partnership

This partnership allows solar installers to fully leverage advanced technology in order to expedite the entire solar process.

Our partnership allows installation companies to request and access permit plan sets and engineering services directly on Sighten’s platform. This seamless integration facilitates a faster and non-repetitive intake experience, with project information retrieved directly from the portal. As a company that emphasizes automation, we can further leverage this integration and ensure consistent quality for every design.

Our fast turnaround times allow installers to receive design permits within 24-48 hours, with only an additional two days for stamps.

Not to mention, there is an automatic 15% discount for customers submitting through Sighten and effectively use the portal for all solar sales and permitting needs.

What is Sighten?

Sighten is a software platform delivering an integrated sales experience from CRM to Project Management, and serves to streamline the solar sales process for installers, sales teams, and channel partners of all sizes. At any subscription level, their software offers accurate shading and production modeling, an easy to use design tool, customizable proposal, precise financial modeling, and the ability to run credit for select financiers.

In their most recent release, sales teams across the nation may now model storage, energy efficiency, forecast additional usage with an Electric Vehicle, and – with our partnership – order permit plan sets. Sighten also helps larger organizations with channel management, CRM functionality, e-sign docs, and project management. It comes laden with a variety of subscription levels including those for sales, operations, and reporting, and offers solutions for installers, channels, and financers. They now even offer complimentary 1:1 demos, you may book yours here to see the flow of this integration live via screen share.

As the Sighten platform offers ever-evolving software designed to meet the shifting needs of the solar industry, it’s clear why we are happy to be part of their integrated solutions.

We are the Solution

We want to help ease the burden and do away with the many challenges associated with permitting. Together, we aim to provide a catch-all solution that pulls together all parts of the solar permitting process; one easy-to-use platform for simplifying and expediting the journey towards energy production.

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– Nicole Shpilevsky | November 5th, 2019