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Quality Designs

We have designed thousands of projects across all 50 states. Whether you desire a fully customized system or seek to take advantage of our broad experience, GTE is prepared to deliver a quality design.

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Custom Design

We have a flexible process, giving companies the option of creating customized designs. Alternatively, you may trust in our nationwide experience to create the most efficient design possible. We work with any AHJ requirement and create custom plan sets to ensure your projects receive approval no matter where they are.

Structural Stamp & Calculations

Ensuring that a home is safe for mounting a Solar PV system is critical. Our licensed structural PE’s in all 50 states provide stamped plan sets along with structural letters. If structural upgrades are necessary, our engineers will identify them so you can rest assured our designs are safe for any home.

Electrical Stamp & Calculations

Our team of engineers create both 1-line and 3-line electrical drawings along with wire callouts, conduit callouts, voltage drop calculations, and any other electrical calculations you may need. We will make sure you can tie your Solar PV System into the utility grid as quickly and safely as possible. Our designs follow required NEC book rules and are stamped by our licensed PE’s in all 50 states.